Hummingbird cake & turnovers

Not the best photo. I meant to take one in the park while we were eating it but I was too busy being in the moment *shakes out mane*

Catching up again. I bake quicker than I blog, apparently.

I stumbled upon a recipe for a hummingbird cake online. The recipe I found yielded one six-inch cake cut into two layers. Next time I think I will double it to make two cakes without having to slice them into layers, because I found the layers quite thin. And this cake was good, so I want more of it! I enjoyed it with a lovely group of people (not strangers) in Brookside Park. I topped and filled it with cream cheese frosting, pecans, and sprinkled cardamom. Sweet, fruity, moist. Perfect as a breakfast cake.

Then, turnovers. These were a crowd-pleaser. For half of them, I followed Bon Appétit’s french apple turnover recipe. I improvised on filling for the other half — chocolate strawberry. I cooked down some quartered strawberries with a bit of sugar, lemon and rosewater, then chopped some chocolate chips to sprinkle on top. Those won my heart, even if they were a bit leaky, mostly due to my subpar sealing.

The ones with holes are chocolate strawberry. The ones without are apple. None survived the evening.

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